Based in Ann Arbor,Mich., Harley Schwadron is a free lance cartoonist and illustrator for magazines and newspapers, large and small. His cartoons are published in such major media as Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Readers Digest, Harvard Business Review, National Law Journal , Forbes and others. For l5  years  he was a cartoonist for Punch in England.
     He has also done hundreds of illustrations for books, magazines, op-ed pages and newsletters. His book illustration work includes "No Husband Should Be Without a Wife" (with Dick Emmons), "The Money is the Gravy: Finding a Career That Nourishes You" (Time Warner), "Holy Hilarity" (with Rose and Cal Samra), "Ann Arbor Writes: A Community Memoir", "101 President Jokes" (Scholastic), "101 Cat and Dog Jokes" (Scholastic) and others.His cartoons have appeared in more than 25 "Chicken Soup for the Soul" books.
     He has done cover and inside illustrations for the University of Michigan "Alumnus", Bowdoin Alumni Magazine, U. Michigan "Dividend" Magazine, U-M Institute for Social Research newsletters, and campus housing and career booklets. His "Zeke the Geek" posters illustrated a U.Michigan campus computer password safety campaign. His cartoons have been reprinted in more than 1000 college and professional textbooks.
     Harley also does a daily cartoon business panel, "9 to 5," which is syndicated by Chicago Tribune Media Services.
     His op-ed cartoons and illustrations have appeared in the Hartford Courant, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Washington Times, Los Angeles Times, Christian Science  Monitor, USA Today, Liberal Opinion Week, New York Times, Z Magazine and others. In Ann Arbor he does cartoons for  the University of Michigan Record and  Ann Arbor Area Business Monthly.
      Harley first worked as a reporter for the Hartford Times and then became a writer and law school alumni magazine editor at University of Michigan News & Information Services. After 20 years as a writer and editor he switched to full-time cartooning in l985.
     "Cartoons are a great combination of writing and art,"he says. "I've especially loved business cartoons, and also enjoy doing topical work for op-ed pages."



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